Physical Review Journals Symposium and Awards

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APS Best Poster contribution award

Title"Exceptional Point Conditions in Perturbed Coupled Resonators: A Generalized Approach"

Authors: Shahab Ramezanpour, Andrey Bogdanov, Andrea Alù, and Younes Ra'di


APS Best Theoretical Paper Award

Title"Green's Function Approach to Model Vibrations of Metamaterials with Spatiotemporally Modulated Properties"

Authors: Benjamin Goldsberry, Samuel Wallen, Andrew Norris, Michael Haberman


APS Best  Experimental Paper Award

Title"Asymmetric Metaporous Treatment: Optimization for Perfect Sound Absorption, 3D Printing, and Characterization with Air Flow"

Authors: Jean Boulvert, Thomas Humbert, Vicente Romero-García, Gwénaël Gabard, Edith Roland Fotsing, Annie Ross, Jacky Mardjono, Jean-Philippe Groby


APS Award for the Best  Applied Paper

Title"Acoustic temporal effective medium with frequency dispersive constitutive parameters"

Authors: Jensen Li, Xinghong Zhu, Xinhua Wen, Hong Wei Wu


Physical Review Journals Symposium

The conference organizers and the editors of Physical Review invite you to a Special Session dedicated to a few selected works published recently in the Physical Review journals, within and beyond the traditional domain of metamaterials research.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

  • Vahid Sandoghdar
  • Christophe Galland
  • Britton Plourde
  • Tal Carmon
  • Eric Harper
  • Xiaoming Mao
  • Yun Lai
  • Bakhtiyar Orazbayev


Physical Review editors:

  • Mu Wang, Editor, Physical Review Letters & Physical Review Materials
  • Ling Miao, Managing Editor, Physical Review X
  • Manolis Antonoyiannakis, Associate Editor, Physical Review B
  • Badreddine Assouar, Associate Editor, Physical Review Applied
  • Thomas Pattard, Managing Editor, Physical Review A
  • Athanasios Chantis, Managing Editor, Physical Review Materials
  • Jerry I. Dadap, Jr., Associate Editor, Physical Review B
  • Juan-José Liétor-Santos, Managing Editor, Physical Review Research


Physical Review Journals Awards

The Organizers are very proud to announce the 2021 Best Paper Awards and 2021 Best Poster Award, sponsored by APS Physics.

The Best Paper Awards have been created to recognize the scientific quality of research in three different domains (Applied/Theory/Experiments) whereas the Best Poster Award is not related to a specific domain.

All papers/posters presented at the conference, except for invited and plenary contributions, are eligible. The winners will be announced during the conference closing ceremony.

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